Bobbie came to yoga through divorce. She needed something healthy where she could step out of the crazy and feel good again. It worked and she wanted more. Bobbie started her teacher training in August of 2017 at Soleil Lune Yoga Center with Trish Washburn and Kate Yanke. She graduated in July 2018. It was a long program, but long enough that yoga truly became a lifestyle for her. She has been teaching Vinyasa yoga since
completing her training. Bobbie is a newer teacher with lots of ambition to help others on their journey. She teaches what has helped her to be present, rooted, and strong. Her classes help students check in, get rooted, & practice a vinyasa style yoga to quickly push past the mind chatter & calm the mind. Each session ends with savasana & meditation. Yoga is an ancient practice to help us break through barriers, find peace, and happiness. Bobbie can help you get there!