1. It is recommended that students use their own mats and props during class. There are mats and props available for student use, however, the student is responsible for thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing used items with provided materials before leaving the studio.
  2. Only 9 students max will be allowed in the studio at one time. Please pre-register to assure your spot in class.
  3. Masks must be worn when entering and exiting the building due to our narrow entryway and the congestion this can create. Masks should also be worn when moving around the studio space such as going to the restroom. Masks may be removed once students are socially distanced and remain on their mats. Wearing masks by students and instructors during class is a personal choice which is to be honored by all. Masks are not required for outdoor classes as long as social distancing is maintained.
  4. Enter the studio space one at a time leaving adequate space and time for students to settle their gear into a cubby space and find their way onto their mat.
  5. Mats must be placed 6 feet apart during class for safe socially distancing. Adequate room has been provided since class size is limited to 9 spaces.
  6. No one who has been ill, exposed to someone who has been ill, tested positive for Covid 19 or exposed to someone who tested positive should attend classes at the studio. Please use your best knowledge and judgment to protect yourself and others.