1. Students must use their own mats and props during class.
  2. Only 8 students max will be allowed in the studio at one time. Please pre-register to assure your spot in class.
  3. Masks must be worn when entering and exiting the building or when moving around the studio space. They may only be removed once class starts when all students are on their mats.
  4. Enter the studio space one at a time leaving adequate space and time for students to settle their gear into a cubby space and find their way onto their mat.
  5. Mats must be placed in the areas marked in tape on the studio floor which are 6 feet a part.
  6. Please clean your mat and surrounding space after class.
  7. No one who has been ill, exposed to someone who has been ill, tested positive for Covid 19 or exposed to someone who tested positive should attend classes at the studio. Please use your best knowledge and judgment to protect yourself and others.