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In this gentle yoga class, we will explore movement to release tension, calm the nervous system while building strength and mobility.  Each class will include yogic breath work, meditation and gentle movement up and down from the ground.   All are welcome!

Class Time: Tuesday at 8:45am.


Yoga has many documented health benefits including improving strength, flexibility, cardio-vascular circulation, bone density, respiratory function and balance. It also helps to reduce stress and to calm the busy mind. This yoga class will combine gentle mindful movement with seated and standing yoga postues, deep breathing and guided meditation designed to refresh body, mind and spirit. Chairs will be utilized for comfort and stability. No need to get on and off of the floor.

Class Time: Tuesday at 10:30am.


Yoga is a great low impact form of exercise that uses self awareness and focus on the breath to connect Mind, Body & Spirit. This is a multi-level course designed to meet the health and fitness needs of class participants. With regular practice, yoga can help relieve the symptoms of many medical conditions including arthritis, back problems, muscle soreness and tightness due to sports, or inactivity. Modifications are taught with props to meet the individual needs of students so they can find balance between strength & flexibility as they are building stamina and focus. Each class finishes with guided meditation and relaxation.

Class Time: Tuesday at 5:30pm


Pilates – Online

July 27, 2015

Pilates is an exercise format that is designed to build core strength, flexibility and agility through a series of lying and standing positions. Bands and weights are also used to tone and strengthen the upper and lower body. The goal is to gain overall body strength while improving spinal alignment and posture. Pilates can facilitate core strengthening and improve class participants awareness of proper alignment to help prevent and alleviate back pain. This class is 50 minutes in duration.

Class Time: Tuesday at 5:30pm.