RYT-200 Yoga Instructor, Level 2 Tai Chi Instructor

Jon has a friendly, encouraging style, preferring to meet his students where they are and listening intently to their needs, whether they are new to the practice or a veteran yogi. He makes sure that students are rooted in proper posture and movement before deepening into healthy challenges to build their strength and flexibility while avoiding injury. Verbal posture cues are used, with no hands-on adjustments.

His classes are typically an energetic vinyasa style (one movement, one breath), however he includes beneficial balance  and breathing exercises from tai chi and qigong in his practice. He also teaches other styles including yin yoga (much longer holds for joint health and flexibility) as well as tai chi, qigong, and meditation.

He studied Pai Yang style tai chi at Rising Dragon Martial Arts in Milwaukee, attaining instructor status in 2015 after over 200 hours of teaching, and his second instructor level in 2018 after over 500 hours of teaching. He earned his yoga instructor RYT-200 certification from YogaFit in January 2021, and continues to add specializations such as yin yoga and meditation.

Jon’s current classes: