In an attempt to make things even more efficient at the studio, we are happy to announce that the time has come to switch to our new scheduling system. We will be officially switching to Glofox for our class signups and payments on Thursday, October 12th. As of Thursday, we will not longer be scheduling with Mindbody.

What does this mean for you? The new system we have chosen will make it easier for you to sign up and register for classes, and also easier to bring friends with you! You will be able to buy passes, book classes, and sign up for workshops right from our website, or from our very own branded mobile app that will be in the App Store and Google Play Store. The app will have all of the signup and payment functions you are used to with MindBody, as well as the latest studio news, all in one place.

What about my current information and passes? As a current student all of your information, including your personal info and any saved credit cards, will be securely moved over to the new system. Any of your active class passes will be transferred as well.

We so appreciate the Yoga 4 All community, as with anything new there may be some questions – we are here for you! Feel free to reach out with any questions! or text me at 414-559-3852.

Yoga 4 All’s purpose is to enhance the health and fitness of our community by sharing the numerous documented benefits of yoga with people of every age and ability. Our mission is to promote wellness and mindful living in the lake country area creating a ripple effect as our students carry this message of peace and tolerance out into the world.


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